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Dec 30

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We’ve collected the top 10 recipes of 2018! Judging by the stats for this year, these are our readers’ favorite recipes. However, the favorites keep changing from day to day during the last week of December!

Favorites include everything from condiments to one pot meals and classic recipes from both sides of the Atlantic. But as we wind down this tumultuous year, comfort food is inching its way to the top of the list.

Thought of waiting to the last minute to publish the post so I can determine the true winner but what are edits for? As of December 29th, following is a round up of our good eats 🍴

2018 Favorite Recipes

Apple Cider Vinegar Marinade

We have many superior grill masters in our immediate and extended family. So, cooking on the grill – charcoal or gas – is a year round “thing”.

Sometimes we use one of many favorite barbecue sauces but the hands-down top basting for sauce for chicken is my mother in law Margaret’s version of a vinegar barbecue sauce for grilled fowl.

Consider her recipe to be the basic apple cider marinade recipe. Time tested and still just as good on grilled chicken pieces or whole birds.

We’ve experimented with other ingredients, variations and more but it seems our readers have spoken!

This recipe is the #1 most popular recipe of 2018.

Vintage Tupperware® Rocks!

Classics each and everyone. I still use my paprika “season & serve” marinator!

 Tupperware Large Season Serve Marinator Container in CoralTupperware Large Season Serve Marinator Container in Coral 3 Piece Shake and Marinate Bundle By Tupperware Shy Blue3 Piece Shake and Marinate Bundle By Tupperware Shy Blue Meat Marinade Container Season Serve TupperwareMeat Marinade Container Season Serve Tupperware

Pig’s Feet In Crock Pot

The pig’s feet recipe is often in first place during the winter months.

It trades places with the marinade on a regular basis. But it’s overall popularity is a complete surprise for me.

I know how much my French Maman loves her pig’s feet in white wine – slow cooked then broiled or cold in a rich jelly. But it’s a favorite on both sides of the Atlantic 🐷

PA Dutch Shoo Fly Pie

Thanks to William Penn, this clan of Irish, Scottish, German, Swiss and Dutch immigrants established their roots in the colony of Pennsylvania – long before it became a Commonwealth!

You’ll find us from the shores of the Delaware River to Philadelphia and from Berks County to the mountains of central Pennsylvania!

“Sauerkraut Yankees” From Big Valley

About as descriptive a moniker as I could find. That’s what we are. And proud of it. The cookbook is a revised edition of the classic on Pennsylvania food and cooking.

 As American as Shoofly PieAs American as Shoofly Pie The Amish Cook’s Baking BookThe Amish Cook's Baking Book Sauerkraut YankeesSauerkraut Yankees

Shoo Fly pie is a not only a classic Pennsylvania Dutch sweet treat but it is a traditional pie that always takes the place of honor on our Thanksgiving dessert table.

This molasses and brown sugar regional specialty is Dad’s favorite pie although a good apple crumb pie ranks a very close second.

Our favorite version? The wet bottom pie if you please. Make it fancy!

So from our bake oven to yours – this is our traditional Shoo Fly pie recipe.

ACV Marinade For Pork

I now keep a gallon jug of apple cider vinegar in the pantry closet. I use it that much.

We’ve tried many marinades and sauce but without a doubt, this is the best apple cider marinade for pork loin in the oven or pork chops on the grill.

In a hurry?   Pin the recipe to keep it handy.

Easy Seafood Marinade

We love seafood so it’s not surprising to find another marinade – for seafood – in the top 10 favorites. Take a minute to look at our seafood dipping sauces!

This marinade that will make you forget all about bottled sauce.

Seriously.  It’s a quick seafood marinade recipes you can tweak with a variety of ingredients. You can create a different sauce for any seafood or fish fillet is on your menu.  Make each recipe totally unique.

Homemade Gyros Meat

I’ve spent years in that part of the world! Not one or two.. close to 15!

When you eat Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine for that long you come to regard a Gyros sandwich as the hamburger of the Levant.

A taste for Gyros never fades. Once you’ve tasted an authentic sandwich, you will try countless versions until someone gets it right!

Okinawa Shoyu Pork

Our love of International cuisines covers all regions of the world. Japanese food is no exception. Our Easy Asian sweet and sour barbecue sits right up there with the favorite recipes of 2018.

Scenes of Okinawa are courtesy of my daughter while the inspiration for the dish is my son – a certified 崇拝者 suuhaisha of all things Nippon!

 Ohsawa Organic Tamari, zOhsawa Organic Tamari, z Shoyu Cooking: Delicious Dishes with Japanese Soy SauceShoyu Cooking: Delicious Dishes with Japanese Soy Sauce Japan Made Soy SauceKikkoman Japan Made Soy Sauce

This is a very easy recipe using pork belly.  Pork belly is inexpensive but not that common an offering in the supermarket meat section. In fact, I have a nice 6 pound piece sitting in the fridge ready to crisp up to crackling goodness.

Baked Seafood Platter

One of our readers favorite recipes! Baked not fried.

The sea scallops were perfect, the shrimp was on sale and a thick halibut fillet was calling my name.

Why not add crab leg clusters? In a matter of minutes, I had all the seafood ingredients for a grand meal – an easy meal and a quick cleanup!


Crock Pot Chicken Soup

I want dinner to be easy and require only a bare minimum of prep time and even less supervision. This calls for the crock pot!

Old Fashioned Homemade Chicken Soup – Who can argue with that meal?

Make it during the week or on the weekends. Anytime is the best time for a steaming hot bowl of chicken soup. Add orzo or rice.

Crock Pot Chicken Soup
Crock Pot Chicken Soup

Mixed Bean Ham Soup

Rounding out the top 10 readers favorite recipes is another soup. Just like our traditional post-Thanksgiving turkey soup, the mixed bean ham soup is a spring time must.

It’s perfect of course whenever you have leftover ham! Here too, another recipe made easy with the use of the crock pot or slow cooker of choice.

Mixed Bean Ham Soup
Mixed Bean Ham Soup

There are so many more recipes to prepare and share with our readers.

I’m off to the kitchen to cook a few “meals on wheels”. See you in 2019!


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