Copycat Rib Sandwich: How To Make Easy Boneless Ribs!

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Feb 05

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Copycat Rib Sandwich  – Another Monday and I’m sitting down to document a few more kitchen musings.   Faced with a larger than usual leftover selection as well as fresh meat and seafood – it needs to be cooked.  Today or tomorrow at the latest.

  • A Cornish hen
  • Two beautiful skate fillets
  • One and half pounds of raw shrimp
  • Leftover ribs – some with barbecue sauce and some with a Mediterranean dry rub

Simple Menu Planning Ideas

What would you prepare first?

Hate using a plump Cornish hen to prepare soup but I do have all the required veggies to make a heartwarming soup for a frosty first day of the week.

I can easily see the skate pan fried “au beurre noir”!

As for the shrimp? The original intent was to have shrimp cocktail along with the pre-game appetizers but that idea fell by the wayside in favor South of the Border© tortilla rounds, the traditional seven layer and queso dip and a veggie platter.

Leftover ribs?  Not many but enough for a small lunch plate.

Make A Copycat Rib Sandwich!

The copycat rib sandwiches were the perfect Super Bowl day menu item. 


In fact, the sandwiches were a hit. 

I had the spicy dill pickles and the chopped onions and fresh rolls.

All I did was prepare extra meaty ribs (you don’t even have to sprinkle them with chopped onions as I did in the recipe) the way I usually prepare them:

  • Seasoned with Bone Suckin’© Sauce seasoning and dry rub,
  • Wrapped tightly in foil and
  • Slow cooked in a 350* oven for 3 hours or until the bones pulled out with the greatest of ease.

I then unwrapped the ribs, pulled out the bones and basted the rack with a thick layer of barbecue sauce.  The ribs went back into the oven until bubbly and slightly grilled.  It’s that easy to make a Copycat Rib Sandwich!

Cut into bun sized portions and let your dinner guests prepare the sandwich as they remember it.

We even created our own nachos with the rib meat and the bean dip layer.


I set all the food out on the kitchen island and everyone prepared their own version of a perfect game day meal.  Everyone was so busy watching the game that I forgot to prepare the green salad.  Nobody seemed to mind.

Dessert consisted of warm brownies and a big bowl of vanilla ice cream.  I know, not very original but easy and delicious.

A copycat rib sandwich shown in an open roll and topped with pickles and chopped onions.

More Monday Morning Kitchen Musings

Cookware Deals & Clearance Events On Top Quality Kitchen Products!

While reading through my mail this morning, I spotted a great opportunity to stock up on what has become the DH’s favorite cookware when he prepares his Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast “specialties” such as fried egg sandwiches.

It’s called the GreenPan™ revolution and I gladly joined it.  Ever since I purchased the induction burner and the grill pan, I can’t wait to replace certain pieces of cookware to take advantage of their fabulous non-stick properties – pieces like the small frying pans!

There are several levels of durability (and prices) in the collection.  Buy the Diamond clad pieces!

All-Clad® has the only other set of non-stick pans I would invest in.  And it is an investment.

When Was The Last Time A Non-Stick Frying Pan Made You Smile?

In the past few months, I’ve noticed that my cookware is looking sad.  Well… shall we say well used?  I was particularly disappointed last month when the DH and I were all set to have a genuine cheese fondue only to remember that the buffet server we had been using as a fondue set was really not safe to use anymore.

I won’t mention any brand name here because it is the only time I’ve had issues with it.  The non-stick coating (supposedly state of the art, scratch proof and of “forever” quality) was beyond rescue.  It was flaking and peeling to the point that it was just no longer safe to prepare or even heat food in the pan.

You hate seeing an expensive pan damaged beyond repair when all associated components are still in working order.

But I digress….

It was snowy and very cold – perfect weather for an authentic fondue so we set out one Saturday afternoon with a singular mission – buy a fondue set.

First I researched any info on the set I was looking for and found it at my favorite store – Sur La Table©.  Just so happens that they are currently featuring non-stick cookware  – GreenPan™ non-stick cookwareQuick, go have a look!

Bon Appétit!

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