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Home Style Food Crafting – De’s Home Style Food Crafting blog is a family’s personal and virtual cookbook.    It is also a reflection of my multi cultural upbringing – on an international scale.

I am French born and raised, with an American father, a French mother, German great-aunts and an Italian uncle.  My husband is a Pennsylvania native and so was my Dad but Dad’s post World War II career took him (and his family) all over the world.   

As a result, m sister and I grew up in various countries on four continents.  Each country was home – often for many years.   But, it was not until 1970 that I came to live in the United States.

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Home Style Food Crafting À La Mode De Chez Nous

A few years ago, I was urged to “write about it” – write about the food, the family recipes, along with related experiences and document it all in this blog. Articles include my kitchen musings.

Along with the help of two very close “collaborators”, it’s all here along with a collection of wonderful photos and the memorable flavors of our culinary and life adventures around the globe.  Here are more random unknown facts about the author – “La Cuinisière“.

Mom – Do You Have The Recipe?

My children are grown now and so are my sisters’ but I often get phone calls asking for a favorite family recipe.  They are determined to continue the culinary traditions passed down through generations of our family.

We are certified foodies and all love to cook.  Even my teenage grandsons are into cooking!  This virtual cookbook blog allows me to cook my way through a massive collection of recipe clippings and vintage cookbooks belonging to both my husband’s and my family!

Family members (and all visitors) can check out the latest blog posts to locate recipes and print them out.  I keep adding traditional Holiday favorites along with recipes and menus from birthday gatherings, housewarming parties and milestone anniversaries.  Oh… and any new recipe that makes the grade.

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French Country Cuisine Recipes

These recipes are regional country French recipes prepared by my great-grandmother and grandmother.   

As a military wife during World War I, my great-grandmother prepared home-style meals for soldiers on leave from the Western front. 

I’m positive her one dish menu beat trench food any day of the week!  It’s what my family and I ate then and still eat now!

French Country Cuisine Recipes

Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes

 Vas denkscht?   It’s Tzeit for essah!  Best recipes from the heartland of Pennsylvania – Big Valley – with its great food and tasty family traditions we continue to share on special days.

This blog is also the perfect way to keep our favorite traditional Pennsylvania Dutch regional recipes available to all members of the family. 

Every Saturday morning, my mother in law and her mother ran a food stall at the local farmer’s market.  Not only did I learn to prepare and enjoy many Big Valley recipes but those farmer’s market recipes are still a hit. 

In fact, it would not be Thanksgiving without certain Dutch treats!

Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes

World Cuisine Recipes

And…  I’ve never lost the taste for the Ethnic cuisine of many countries I called home

When you’ve lived here, there and everywhere on four continents you learn to love the local food. 

We ate it all and now the entire family, including the grand kids enjoy international dishes as well.

World Cuisine Recipes

Our Culinary Experiences

These notes for tasty treats go back more than four generations on both sides of the family and on both sides of the Atlantic.

It’s the perfect fusion of the old and the new – vintage recipes prepared with new ingredients or familiar old recipes adapted to make use of available ingredients and new kitchen cookware like the Instant Pot®.

You’ll discover what the families prepared in the kitchen and served for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the years.

No stone is left un-turned. No recipes set aside as unpalatable. From the simplest to the fanciest fare, I’ll share them with you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a note.

Bon Appétit!

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