Pork Loin Rack Roast: Quick, Easy and Spectacular Roast

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Mar 25
Pork loin rack roast marinating in a garlic and olive oil, fresh garlic, parsley and seasoned with a Mediterranean spice rub..

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Pork Loin Rack Roast – This weekend, we are celebrating five March birthdays with a group reunion.   My sister, daughter and I planned the menu a few weeks ago and each one of the “moms” has been assigned part of the meal.

Wondering what I  am bringing? Roast pork sandwiches for a small army!

It was my intention to make Medianoches but nobody in this family is surprised if I arrive with a completely different menu item.

Pork Loin Rack Roast: No Real Recipe

The sandwich idea was replaced almost instantly during a trip to the supermarket to gather ingredients! The result?

A different menu and a new family tradition with the centerpiece dish being a pork loin rack roast. We’re not talking rack of ribs but an entire bone-in pork loin like this one.

In a hurry?  ==> Buy a Frenched Pork Loin Rack Roast at this butcher shop!

This recipe may also take center stage for the growing number of May birthdays!

 Berkshire Pork 8 Bone Frenched Loin Rack Roast – 1 rack – 6 lbs

Please excuse the lack of a formal recipe – the rack roast meal is a good example of how I shop, cook and prepare meals.

More or less as circumstances present themselves.  There are times when I refer to a recipe but more often than not – I improvise when it comes to cooking.

Pork loin rack roast marinating in a garlic and olive oil, fresh garlic, parsley and seasoned with a Mediterranean spice rub.. Same pork loin roasted to perfection.
 Spicecraft™ Roast Pork & Chop

Explore The Meat Counter For Unusual Seasonal Cuts

While cruising the meat counter for just the right cuts of pork shoulder to cook a roast for the sandwiches, I came across a cut of packaged pork one rarely sees at a Safeway® supermarket – a Rack of Pork!

Talk about a spur of the moment change in meal planning.  Needless to say, the grilled sandwich dinner plans flew out the window.

Instead, I purchased two pork loin racks.  Individual roast chops would be just as welcome on the dinner menu.  If you plan on cutting the rack into chop make sure to review your kitchen knife skills!

With some multi-tasking, surely I could prepare this Farmland roast for dinner.

At this time, the roast is spending quality time in a Cuban garlic and lime marinade which I doctored to suit our taste buds.  Click HERE for a great pork marinade!

 Royal Assorted Paper Chopholders, Package of 250

The roast was liberally coated with EVOO, fresh minced garlic, parsley and seasoned generously with a Mediterranean spice rub (also from Safeway®).

Set the oven to 375 degrees. 

Roast at for about 20-25 minutes to the pound.  Baste as needed with the pan drippings.

Allow the roast to sit for about 10 minutes before carving.

To complete the meal, I am making a risotto and steamed vegetables.   I used “River Rice” (a medium grain rice) rather than a true Arborio rice for the risotto.

Can’t wait to post a photo of the finished roast.  The aroma of roasting meat is making rather hungry.  Wish I could include it with the image!

P.S. I couldn’t wait!  While checking on the risotto, I opened the oven and took a couple pics.  Are we hungry yet?  I know I am.

Pork Loin Rack Roast just out of the oven | food-crafting.com

Pork Loin Rack Roast

Not Just Any Rice Side Dish

Here are the basic cooking instructions for River rice.

In our clan, it’s a known fact that I never leave a recipe “as is”.   Rice is no exception as it is the perfect foil for just about any roasted meat.   So why just have plain rice?

This is how I doctored the risotto to create roasted garlic risotto – perfect with the Mediterranean rack of pork.

The following measurements are for two cups of raw rice.

  • Melt a couple tablespoons of butter in a sauce pan and add a good tablespoon of olive oil (I use Colavita® Premium EVOO – especially when the intent is to add flavor to a dish).
  • To the butter and olive oil add a couple teaspoons of minced fresh garlic. I had just enough set aside from the meat “marinade”.
  • Sauté the garlic on low heat, stirring constantly, just long enough to give the edges some color. Remove the pan from the burner.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of turmeric and stir to mix well. Put the pan back on the burner and add the rice. Stir well to coat the rice with the butter/olive oil mixture. Allow the rice to sizzle over low heat for about 2 minutes.
  • The turmeric not only adds a wonderful golden color to the rice but also adds a hint of spicy.
  • Add 2 large Knorr® crumbled chicken bouillon cubes and combine well throughout the rice mixture.
  • Add the 4 cups of water.  No need to add salt to the liquid as the sodium content of the bouillon cubes is already high enough.

Stir to combine and cook the rice as directed on the package. Mine took about 25 minutes over low heat.

Serve with a large green salad or steamed vegetables.  At home, it is always vegetables AND a large green salad.

Bon Appétit.

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