Easy Pork And Cabbage Soup: Quick Homemade Chinese Soup

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Aug 25
Peking Pork and Cabbage Soup

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Easy Pork And Cabbage Soup – Time for Peking pork and cabbage soup!

Certain soups just scream comfort food during cold winter months. This is one soup that is easy to serve at any time, especially if you love Chinese food.    

Buy the main course but make this easy Peking pork and cabbage soup.

Chinese Pork & Cabbage Soup You Can Make At Home

Do you have a list of favorite international soups? Chinese soups in particular?

The first time I ate “Pork and Cabbage Soup” was a long time ago in a far away place. Katmandu to be exact. We had no idea where to eat on a few rupees. A friendly person pointed to an open door just a few yards away.

I watched as a scraggly old man prepared food with a bare minimum of ingredients. The pork was not one of the main ingredients.  Adding this ingredient to the soup is entirely my idea.

I’ll leave it to your imagination to wonder what type of meat made it into the soup. Regardless, it tasted incredible after a long day of exploring the town and surrounding sights! By then, after years of eating and enjoying dishes made with mystery meats, I never bothered inquiring as to ingredients. The taste was all that mattered.

The proof is that I am still here to write about it! The recipe below is my rendition of this heart warming soup.

All You Need Is A Handful of Ingredients To Make Heart Warming Soup

All ingredients can be sourced at your local supermarket so no worries and above all, you do not need to guess at what you are eating.

There are several versions of the pork and cabbage soup. Here are two ways to prepare the soup.

Pork and Cabbage Soup Recipe:

The soup is that simple to prepare.  So simple that you can prepare in several different ways and it will turn out scrumptious each time.

The gallery below shows one prep method.







Did you that Swanson makes Chinese Hot and Sour flavor infused broth?  Time to make Hot & Sour soup!

 pork and cabbage soup - adding spices and seasonings

Close up of grated ginger root and other seasonings for Pork and Cabbage Soup




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Another Yummy Chinese Style Soup!

Soup’s On!

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