Fractured Prune Doughnuts: Sweetest Beach Week Tradition

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Aug 23
fractured prune doughnuts

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Fractured Prune Doughnuts – Some people swear by Dunkin Donuts®.

Others would give their left arm for Duck Donuts, but any trip to the Delaware beaches is not complete without a Fractured Prune® “doughnuts” breakfast treat.

These donuts are fresh, made to order, hot out of the fryer little bits of cake-like goodness that melt in your mouth.

The Closest Fractured Prune Doughnuts Shop

There are stores across the USA, and one franchise is inching its way closer to “home”.  However, it is a good thing that the closest bakery we care to frequent is found on the Eastern Shore.

fractured prune doughnuts


It might be rather dangerous to have even a single Fractured Prune shop any closer.

fractured-prune-ocsandThey are addictive, and the combination of toppings are endless although I like mine relatively plain – topped with cinnamon sugar.  It’s called the O.C. Sand©.

My grandsons love their Carnival and Blueberry Hill offerings.  Did I mention the Fractured Prune specialty donuts combinations?

Other favorites in our family include the Peppermint Patty, Chocolate Covered Cherry, and Reese’s Cup. Can you tell that we have a few chocoholics in the house?

There is also the Ms. Prunella – a wonderful mixed berry glazed donut, which gets its name, along with the chain, from Prunella Shriek.

Rumor has it that Ms. Prunella was a local athlete known for competing with men in skiing, tennis and ping-pong into her 70s. She earned the nickname “Fractured Prunella” as a result of always returning from a competition in a ‘fractured’ state – via crutches or a wheelchair.

It is a wonderful story, and we are talking a serious reputation when Fractured Prune donuts make the pages of the Huffington Post! Check out this selection.

Did I mention that we have other Eastern Shore traditions during Beach Week?  We celebrate Thanksgiving at the beach as well as birthdays.

Come to think of it, we celebrate every day at the beach with sunrise and sunset photo sessions.  As deep fried foodies, we also take photos of doughnuts!

Ready To Bake Your Own Donuts?

Cake like donuts are easy to prepare and it is tempting to try them as a breakfast treat for birthdays and holidays.

There are three types of dough: yeast, cake and baked.  My favorites are light cake donuts, plain or dusted with cinnamon sugar.  Here are some great recipes!


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