Nov 09

Home Remedies

By La Cuisinière | Kitchen Musings

Grandmas swore by these home remedies. Well at least mine did! Remember the days long ago when your Grandmother (and great-grandmother) dipped into their repertoire of natural herbal cures and slapped a warm mustard pack to our congested chests when we had a cold? On more than one occasion, Dad recalled, complete with grimacing, his […]

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Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly Pie Slice
May 15

Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly Pie: Secrets From Big Valley

By La Cuisinière | Baked Goods , Pennsylvania Dutch Country Recipes , Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes

Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly Pie – Time to bake a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly Pie!  In a hurry? Pin the recipe for later. I read the Food Section of the Washington Post® religiously and have for years. Subscribe to the paper or buy the cookbook: You’ll want to try all the recipes! Page Contents1 If It’s […]

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cranberry relish
Nov 29

Best Molded Cranberry Relish: 10 X Better Than Any Canned Version

By La Cuisinière | Condiments & Relishes , Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Best Molded Cranberry Relish This molded cranberry relish always makes it on the menu for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner.  Not only is it an easy cranberry and orange relish recipe,  it may become your favorite Thanksgiving holiday side dish. It’s not exactly my idea of a “relish” because it is quite sweet as a relish. […]

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Sep 11

Simple Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe: How To Make Your Own

By La Cuisinière | Condiments & Relishes

Time to try this old fashioned, simple homemade mayonnaise recipe – just like the DH’s grandma and great grandma used to make. You know… with their fresh and distinctive flavors to dress favorite Pennsylvania Dutch style potato and chicken salads destined for their Saturday morning farmer’s market stall. Page Contents1 Homemade Condiments: Recipe Clippings From […]

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