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Jul 07
home delivery meats seafood -Beef steak and shrimp with grilled vegetables

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Home Delivered Meat Seafood – I’ve never had any qualms about shopping around to find the right cut of meat or the right type of seafood for any of my recipes.  Nor is my shopping restricted to the nearest and most convenient neighborhood grocery store.   I’m not loyal to a particular supermarket chain – not even upscale markets.

My food shopping philosophy is simple –  buy where you find the freshest top quality food products needed to prepare any recipe.  

None of my local markets have everything I care to buy.  Yes, it involves some running around but it is the way I’ve shopped for years.

Locally, Global Food® Markets carry meats cuts, seafood, products, produce and fruit for just about any type of international cuisine you might care to prepare – from Mexican and South American to Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

De’s Simple Way To Make The Most Of Meat and Seafood Selections

    • Latino markets have proper meat cuts for Mexican & South American recipes.
    • Chinese markets make it super easy to find everything you need for authentic Chinese food recipes.
    • Butcher shops cut meat and game exactly as you ask.
    • Typical French cuts of meat are not easy to find except perhaps in NYC and definitely at The French Butcher on the corner or Third & Vista Streets in LA.
    • Buy freshly made bulk and rope sausage at your butcher shop or in Delaware (only because Peachey’s® doesn’t sell fresh anymore)
    • Order favorite seafood selection from Virginia (proximity to bay and ocean) or Maine (on ice is preferable but flash frozen will work)

All the outdoor tools and accessories you need to be a grill master.

Home Delivered Meat Seafood Choices

Bottom line?

For this cook and home chef, if you sell the product, produce, meat or seafood I am looking for then you get the sale.

But I do have an exception to the rule when it comes to specialty meat cuts and many seafood selections.

There is only one requirement.  It has to be the freshest top quality food product I can buy.

Even if that means home delivered meat seafood favorites ordered online.  
Home delivered meats seafood for those special occasions or a specific recipe.

French Versus American Meats Cuts

Home delivered meat seafood @studiograndouest - French specialty pork delicatessen and bacon called ventreche at butcher

French specialty bacon called ventrèche

There is a difference between American and French butchery.  It results in very different cuts of meat and also why certain recipes cannot be exactly replicated.  Not only are butcher cuts different so is the feed. In turn, so is the taste of beef, pork and poultry.

We can come close but close does not always make it authentic.

My great-grandmother’s Blanquette de Veau recipe is a prime example.  You will not find “tendrons” of veal in any market butcher case or even in butcher shops at upscale markets.  So I close my eyes and pretend.  The post includes a glossary of French words found in veal recipes.

Ventrèche is another cut I usually replace with pancetta.

French Cuts of Beef

Beef cuts France

American Cuts of Beef

Chart of US Beef Cuts - © Ysangkok

When it comes to French meats here in the United States, it does not get much more authentic than D’Artagnan®!  The video below beautifully demonstrates how two butchers – one American and the other French – manage to carve up the same piece of meat and end up with totally different cuts!

List Of Vocabulary Words Related To French Offal Meats

Meat Delivery Selections

The Butcher Box®

Your personal grill master has fired up the grill.

He is a bonafide member of the Grill Masters Club with all the spices and sauces he could ever need or want

The only thing left to do is look for the best cuts and the highest quality meats for the next family barbecue.

Even with the best grilling equipment and a top notch grill master, the meat takes center stage.  You know you want grass-fed beef delivered to your door!

And who is going to argue with bacon for life as lagniappe?  Not anyone in this clan of carnivores.

Snake River Farms®

There is nothing more expensive, more marbled or tastier than Kobe Beef!

And then there’s the American version in American Kobe from Snake River Farms®.

Their meat – both the pork and the beef – are top notch quality.    Looking for Wagyu Beef?  Theirs is prime quality dry-aged meat.

SRF® has Wagyu in roasts, steaks, burgers and even hot dogs.  Order products from Snake River Farms® for your family or to offer as gifts.

What’s my favorite cut? The cap of ribeye steak (the best part of the ribeye in my mind) grilled to perfection.

Prefer pork? Give their Kurobuta selections a try.  We’re talking prime pork from purebred Berkshire hogs.  Hams,  ribs, regular chops and Frenched chops, tenderloins and bacon.  I saved the best for last if you are aiming for superior pulled pork – The Kurobuta pork shoulder. For a special occasion, splurge and get the crown roast.  It is nothing short of spectacular.  And tasty too!

Seafood Delivery Selections

Maine Lobster Anywhere®

LobsterAnywhere.comThere is no doubt about it. Everyone in this family loves seafood.

Just about any seafood or shellfish served in almost any recipe in any cuisine – American, French, Japanese… let me simply say international!

Let’s face it.  We make trips to the Delaware shore just to eat at Big Fish®.  Everything on the menu is stupendous and fresh.

But when you’ve tasted freshly caught Maine lobster in a lobster roll or straight up while sitting along the rocky Maine shoreline, nothing else will ever taste quite the same…  as Maine lobster.  Here are some of their Lobster Specials


Select from a wide variety of the best in fish and shellfish in Standard, Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions!

The Prime Plus subscription includes three types of salmon: Coho Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon!

Salmon In Puff Pastry

Would you like to try a new way to prepare fish?  ==> Click HERE for assorted salmon recipes

From sashimi grade Ahi tuna to wild caught Canadian lobster tails and everyone’s favorite salmon steaks or fillets to my personal favorite soft shell crabs.

The hotel size soft shell blues come from the Chesapeake Bay!  Here is my recipe for home style soft shell crabs.

Sizzlefish provides recipe ideas, information on the perfect seasonings and sauces as well seafood recipes for various diets such as gluten free selections.

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