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Feb 24
Taste of Home Cooking Magazine

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Taste of Home Cooking Magazine – Which is your favorite Taste of Home® cooking magazine?

Trying to duplicate the “taste of home” is the very reason I started cooking years ago when we sorely missed the flavors of familiar home-style dishes.

What Others Cook ==> flavors From Local Cuisines Around the Globe

Taste Of Home Collection

We lived in countries where true supermarkets did not exist.  Cookbooks and recipes were useless because the ingredients were not available.

Cooking was a game. We thumbed through our few cooking magazines until the ink was rubbed off. Menu planning was just wishful thinking. Meals were a complete surprise as you never knew what you would find on Saturday morning shopping expeditions.

I’m positive the Taste of Home cooking magazine did not exist back then! I would have tucked a copy in my effects when we left “civilization”.

Every so often, a cargo load of frozen meats from Denmark would magically make it our way. If we were lucky, the shipment included butter that had unfortunately been soaked in freon at some point during the long trip from somewhere.

Taste of Home Cooking Magazine - The Butcher Shop On Main Street

The Butcher Shop On Main Street

During those banner times, our weekly menu featured chicken several times a week (until it ran out). Did you know there are at least 101 ways to prepare chicken?

The kitchen game? How many ways could we prepare frozen poultry with locally available ingredients.

On alternate days, we cooked frozen pork rib chops – until they ran out as well. Cooking under these circumstances can develop creativity in the kitchen.

Reality would quickly set in, and it was back to eating off the land.

Fresh meat was non-existent. I take that back. There was fresh meat, but it was not fresh the way we think about it – fancy cuts shrink wrapped with a “use by” date stamped on the label.

The meat was freshly butchered but not for food. The animal was clearly identifiable because every part of it was available for sale including the smaller pieces hanging from the ceiling.  I referred to this meat as mystery meat but it really was no mystery.  

It was tasty food nonetheless when grilled to a gritty crisp over a bed of charcoal then swooped into a raggedy sheet of yesterday’s newspaper. The ink would run and turn some kebab pieces a shiny shade of blue. Memories are made of this!

Can you imagine being able to walk into a food market,  purchase everything needed to duplicate your grandmother’s favorite dish or a recipe found in the latest issue of Taste of Home™?

The children and grandchildren are always surprised at my ability to cook up something from nothing.  It’s called practice…lots of practice.  The Food Network® knows exactly what I mean.  Have you seen the cookbook dedicated to “using what you’ve got to cook something good“?

Today, I marvel at the vast selection of food magazines.   The photos make you drool before you’ve even read the recipe ingredients.  Near the top of my list of favorite cooking magazines is the

Taste of Home Cooking Magazine Collection

Do you ever curl up in your favorite chair to read a cooking magazine?  I did and still do.  I read them from cover to cover like dime store novels.

Passing by the assortment of magazines at the supermarket checkout is difficult.

Beautiful photos of appetizing meals with all information needed to prepare the recipe make me drool.

Why do I like the Taste of Home™ cooking magazine?

The easy to make recipes are tasty and although I still invent my recipes, one cannot help but be inspired by the home style cooking so tastefully presented in the pages of this cooking magazine.

I also like the specials like the coloring book, the hardcover cookbooks and the selection of favorite recipe collections.

The magazine display below shows just a few of the Taste of Home Cooking Magazine (trademarked) issues in my personal collection.

There are so many food and cooking magazines!  My latest purchase is the magazine’s Most Requested Recipes 2016 issue.  Yes, I could not resist picking it up while waiting in the cashier’s line at the supermarket.  They certainly have my number!

P.S. The lasagna pictured on the cover Taste of Home Cooking Magazine has been added to the menu for this coming week!

 Taste of Home Holiday Cookies & Candies Magazine 2018Taste of Home Holiday Cookies & Candies Magazine 2018

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