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Homestyle Jelly Roll
May 11

Quick & Easy Jelly Roll Cake: Bake Some Old Fashioned Memories

By La Cuisinière | All Recipes , Baked Goods , French Country Cuisine Recipes

Easy Jelly Roll Cake – There is nothing yummier than coming home from school to this simple sweet treat – a light sponge cake filled jams or jellies put up the summer before.  Raspberry and currant are my favorite. Un roulé à la confiture!   In other words…a jelly roll or comfort food in its easiest and yummiest […]

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Cherry Clafoutis
Dec 15

Easy Cherry Clafoutis: Make A Country Style Sweet Treat

By La Cuisinière | Baked Goods , French Country Cuisine Recipes

An authentic and easy cherry clafoutis is made with sour cherries but being a regional, country style sweet treat, this versatile dessert can also be made with pears, plums and to prove a point – even peaches and blueberries! Clafoutis, which is a batter based cake-like dessert, is one of the most famous desserts of southwestern France. […]

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