Barbecued Country Ribs: Easy Beer Braised Pork

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Feb 03
Crockpot full of barbecued-country-ribs

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Country ribs braised in beer then smothered in barbecue sauce are on the menu for dinner.

Today the ribs are cooking in what has become my favorite kitchen roaster – a covered roaster like this one.  

This roaster handles everything from roast chicken, a small leg of lamb, a large number of country ribs or the family sized pot roast. 

Deep Roasters: Versatile Cookware

What makes these deep roasters so special? The lid.

Why? It gives you the ability to get a tight seal on the roaster and go from stovetop for searing, then to the oven for quick braising (much faster than a slow cooker) and back to the stove top to make pan gravy!

 Oval Roaster with Metal Induction Lid and Rack, 8.5 QuartOval Roaster with Metal Induction Lid and Rack, 8.5 Quart Norpro 649 Krona Stainless Steel 12-Quart Multi Roaster, SilverNorpro 649 Krona Stainless Steel 12-Quart Multi Roaster, Silver Stainless Steel Nonstick 14-inch with Lid 6.3 Quart + 4.2 QuartStainless Steel Nonstick 14-inch with Lid  6.3 Quart + 4.2 Quart

It is the perfect pan for those occasions when you wish you had planned ahead a little better – perfect for those times when it’s just too late to use the crock pot!

Economical Pork Country Ribs!

I often use country ribs instead of center cut or baby back pork ribs. It’s an economical cut of pork and can be used in regular barbecue recipes.

But it can also work for Chinese or regional recipes. Country style pork ribs are available as boneless pork butt ribs, leaner loin ribs, and shoulder ribs. Any cut will cook up into fork-tender bits of pork.

Wegmans® sells packs of bone-in or boneless country style ribs but this cut of meat can be found in any meat department in small or family sized packs.

Recipe Walk Through…

The recipe is very simple and requires few ingredients.

Country Ribs
Browned ribs are ready for the oven!
  • Brown about 3 pounds of country style ribs seasoned with garlic pepper.  
  • Cover with sliced onions (about 3 medium onions).  
  • Sprinkle with ground sage and thyme to taste.
  • De-glaze the browning pan with the contents of a large can of beer.  

It is no doubt a sacrilege to some to use Heineken® to braise the country ribs for this purpose but let’s just say that the braising liquid will taste that much better.  Pour over the ribs.

Ribs after two hours of cooking.
Ribs after two hours of cooking.

Seal the roaster with foil and the heavy lid.   Place In the oven for about 2 and a half hours at 350*.

Remove most of the braising liquid.

Then pour your favorite bottled BBQ sauce over the ribs and cook for another hour or so.   I happened to have half a bottle of Bull’s Eye® Memphis style barbecue sauce and part of a bottle of Hickory Smoked sauce.  Both are Kraft® products.  I was tempted to make my own but did not have all the ingredients. 

In any case, the idea here was to save time.  Go ahead…use your favorite bottled sauce.

 Dark Beer Bull’s-Eye BBQ SauceDark Beer Bull's-Eye BBQ Sauce GUINNESS Beer BlendGUINNESS Beer Blend

Just because I never leave well enough alone, I also added some regular ketchup and then sprinkled about a teaspoon of dry mustard and and an equal amount of turmeric over the combined sauced.

Remove the foil and pop it back in the oven for another hour.  Check on it every so often during that last hour. 

You do not want the barbecue sauce to burn but you do want it to reduce to a glaze.

Just about time to set the table! Steak fries and buttered savoy will complete the meal.

Bon Appétit.

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