Jul 19

Unlock French Language Recipes Lost In Translation

By La Cuisinière | French Language Recipes

French Language Recipes: Unlock the exact meaning of those ingredients and cooking methods lost in translation! Even easy french recipes can create an obstacle course of unknowns in the process of translating the components of a simple recipe. Page Contents1 Home Cooking In 1946 Berlin2 Translating French Language Recipes3 ✔️ French Recipe Translation4 Preparing French […]

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Feb 19

Seafood Dipping Sauce Recipes: Perfect For Steamed Shrimp or Fried Calamari

By La Cuisinière | Condiments & Relishes , Seafood

Seafood dipping sauce recipes –  Picture this.  You have a huge bowl of large steamed shrimp but why stick to the bottled shrimp cocktail sauce?   Why not set out an assortment of dipping sauces to cover a variety of flavors? We just celebrated two February birthdays featuring two favorite dishes: shrimp cocktails as an appetizer […]

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simple vinaigrette salad dressing
Jan 13

Simple Vinaigrette Salad Dressing: How To Make The Best Kept Family Secret

By La Cuisinière | French Country Cuisine Recipes

Simple Vinaigrette Salad Dressing –  Every dinner – and sometimes lunch – is accompanied by “une salade verte”.  Often mentioned throughout our collection of French country cuisine recipes, this is the salad we prepare. Somehow, dinner is not complete without a big bowl of mixed tossed salad lettuces or a specific green lettuce.   Page Contents1 […]

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