Menu Idea: Halibut & Mixed Greens

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Sep 18
Menu Idea: Halibut

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Menu Idea: Halibut

Do you need a menu idea? We can’t resist taking on the big name magazines.

Adapted from a recipe for sea bass found in Food and Wine magazine, last night’s fish dinner comes from the kitchen of our New Jersey home chef.

A quick trip to the supermarket offered halibut but not sea bass. No problem! Adapting is the name of the game here. However, where would I, in Northern Virginia, find sea bass?

The first place to check is the seafood counter at Wegman’s®. Then I would see what is available at Harris Teeter®.

Along with sea bass and Chilean sea bass, halibut is fast becoming one of the most expensive fish at the seafood counter in your neighborhood supermarket.

  • Wegman’s® seafood counter offers wild-caught Alaskan halibut
  • The Fisherman’s Market® at Harris Teeter sells halibut frozen in 12 oz. packs. I’ve also seen it fresh.

Ordering seafood online is not an option for tonight’s dinner but have you ordered seafood online? Shrimp, lobster and crab are shipped routinely, but you can also buy whole and filleted fish

Black sea bass is available locally. You can order it fresh from Wholey in Virginia Beach. The location is relative here, but Virginia Beach is close-in compared to Alaskan waters.

Chilean sea bass is one of the most expensive pieces of fish featured at high-end seafood markets. I’ve seen it priced as high as $32 a pound at Balducci’s, and it hovers over the $29.99 price range at other markets. Wholey offers wild caught frozen Chilean sea bass.

Menu Idea Adaptation

  • Purchase 1/4 lb halibut in “steak” portions.
  • Salt and pepper the fish to taste.
  • Top the pieces of fish with Primo Taglio® prosciutto slices then dredge with seasoned flour. Forget the sage leaves and season the flour with ground sage.
  • Fry in olive oil face down (prosciutto side) first for a couple minutes and flip carefully to skin side. Cook for a few more minutes until cooked through completely.
  • Plate with a wedge of lemon for color and taste.

Salad is a standard, green salad concoction of mixed greens (Sping Mix) with bits of leftover avocado and blue cheese. The salad dressing is a homemade mustard vinaigrette.

Mixed greens are available in bags or boxes in the produce section of all supermarkets.

Mike’s Seafood, a division of Wholeys’, offers a wide selection of seafood steaks.

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