Easy Amish Cinnamon Bread Recipe: Favorite Sweet Treat

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Mar 14

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Easy Amish Cinnamon Bread – This past Saturday was a perfect baking day.

Day long heavy drizzle and chilly temperatures just made me want to spend the day in the kitchen baking a loaf of fresh bread – cinnamon bread – after leafing through a downloaded copy of a new cookbook.

This recipe for Cinnamon Bread comes from 35 Homemade Bread Recipes – Fresh Out Of The Oven, Buttered and Gone – just one in the series of cookbooks from the Hillbilly Housewife.

From Our Bake Oven To Yours!

The recipe is easy to follow, requires a minimum of ingredients and results in scrumptious looking load of bread just begging to be buttered.

HillBilly Housewife Cinnamon Bread © www.food-crafting.com

Cinnamon Bread © www.food-crafting.com

Much as it would happen if we were in Big Valley on a weekend morning.

Easy Amish Cinnamon Bread Recipe

There are a few steps I will alter before baking this particular bread again.

  • Buy packets of fresh active dry yeast. The pack I used was not outdated but within a couple months of being out of date. It was immediately visible during the short proofing period. I purchased several packs at Thanksgiving and did not use them all. So – the freshest yeast you can buy.
  • I had a new bag of all-purpose flour. The recipe does call for it and it was my intention to follow it to the letter but with my less than super fresh yeast, I should have opted for bread flour. All I was thinking about was a slice of buttered cinnamon bread!

I did add a generous coating of melted butter to the dough before sprinkling it with cinnamon sugar and rolling it.

Force of habit! That’s what I do when baking cinnamon rolls.

The loaf of Easy Amish Cinnamon Bread Recipe pictured above IS fresh out of the oven and yummy!

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