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May 15

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Best New Cooking Tools – Just when I consider treating myself to a dream kitchen appliance, I accidentally stumble across some of the best new, and not so new, counter top cooking appliances.

Should I buy the Gourmet Slow Cooker,  buy a large Fissler pressure cooker, or treat myself to a smart wifi-enabled CrockPot?

Lately, I’ve been putting my 8 quart Instant Pot® through its paces adapting basic but time consuming recipes to the test.


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Best New Cooking Tools & Top Kitchen Machines


With their multi functionality, any one of these new to me cooking appliances would be a prize for a home chef.   After seeing a Thermomix in action, this appliance may be my next counter top prize because some prices can upset the apple cart.

Sur La Table

These smart appliances may change the way you and I cook. After reading through the descriptions and watching a few demonstration videos, I’m beginning to think I’ve been working much harder than I need to.

In a hurry? Review an entire selection of the best cooking tools for the home chef.


best new cooking tools red processor

Let’s look at some of these new (and perhaps not so new) kitchen machines!

 Bellini by Cedarlane BMKM510CL Kitchen Master KitchenAid KSM1CBT Precise Heat Mixing Bowl for Tilt Head Stand Mixers Gemside automatic induction cooker with cooking skills Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor


Decision Time! Which Of The Best New Cooking Tools Should I Test?

As a New Year’s eve treat for each of the kids, I would like to prepare homemade cinnamon rolls – from scratch.

It’s been a tradition for Thanksgiving and Christmas morning.  This Mom is on a wicked guilt trip because I just did not have the time to make them this year.

Baking yeast rolls is a time consuming proposition that requires setting aside a large chunk of time – which has been in short supply lately.  The stand mixer is super for preparing the dough but what about working in the proofing time?  That’s not even the end of it because once the rolls are filled, cut and placed in the pan, they have to double in size again before they can be baked.

Imagine my surprise when I came across the perfect kitchen cooking tool designed for this purpose and more.

Brod Taylor®Folding Proofer

Brod Taylor Foling Proofer and Slow cooker
This proofer is the perfect tool for someone who bakes for a weekly farmer’s market or someone like me.

Short of placing the dough in the oven to proof, having a constant perfect proofing temperature is just what the cook ordered.

This may seem like a frivolous purchase for a batch of cinnamon rolls but I bake bread and other yeast rolls on a regular basis.

If you are into probiotics or yougurt making (I was years ago) then this proofer is a multi function machine.  Just think…when it’s not proofing the dough it can be slow cooking dinner!

Brød Taylor
It does not mean you can’t proof the dough using the old fashioned method!

Kitchen Aid Cook Processor

While leafing through a French cooking magazine my sister purchased for me last week, I came across a kitchen machine I have never seen before.

Needless to say I researched it only to find that the Cook Processor is not available in the United States.  Imagine that with a name like KitchenAid®.

But…  we can almost recreate the machine using several attachments made for their stand mixers.  Or purchase it in Canada or at Selfridge’s.  Right.

 KitchenAid KMC4244CA Multi-Cooker with Stir Tower – Candy Apple

In the meantime, I may look into the KitchenAid Multi Cooker with Stir Tower attachment.  Versatility is its middle name.

Source: See the multi cooker in action!

The VorWerk Thermomix

Wow. I know I want one.  It’s as simple as that.  🙂  This has to rank as the best new cooking tool.

They have it right when they call this kitchen machine the future of cooking. Imagine 1 kitchen appliance capable of handling 12 different functions!

If I can set aside the equivalent of a mortgage payment to buy it, I promise to never leave the kitchen. 🙂

Vorwerk Thermomix.

I’ll stop now and quickly check if my 1970 Oster blender, the vintage and now recalled Cuisinart food processor and a few other kitchen appliances would mind giving up their place on the pantry shelf.

Stay tuned – I am going shopping for more of the best new kitchen tools!

With their multi functionality, any one of these new to me cooking tools would be a prize for a home chef.

 MOES Smart Nonstick Frying Pan with Intelligent Temperature Display and Broadcast,Germany Greblon C3+ Non-stick Coating without PFOA 11-inch

What’s on your wish list from the world’s best new cooking tools and top specialty kitchen appliances?  I’ve narrowed mine down to the All-Clad Prep & Cook


This compact kitchen marvel has 6 automatic settings but if you are experimenting with a recipe – as I normally do – you can use manual settings for greater control of the cooking process.


All at the touch of a button. How neat is that?

Happy Cooking!

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