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Candied Fruit Oatmeal Cookies
Dec 17

Candied Fruit Oatmeal Cookies: Perfect Gift For Office Parties

By La Cuisinière | All Recipes , Baked Goods

Candied Fruit Oatmeal Cookies make the perfect Holiday gift for those who love baked goods.   They’re our most requested choice of baked goods when participating in a “what can I bring?” buffet style meal. You could call these scrumptious and colorful looking oatmeal cookies first cousins to our Festive Fruitcake Cookies. Consider them a flavorful […]

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Dec 13

Best Kitchen Mandoline Slicer: Quick & Easy Scalloped Potatoes Test Recipe

By La Cuisinière | Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves To Cook

Best Kitchen Mandoline Slicer – It all started with a stroll down my favorite aisle at Harris Teeter®. There is always something sitting on the shelf in the way of international foods that inspires me to prepare a dish from long ago. In a hurry? Not all vegetable slicers are created equal but vegetable slicers are available […]

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