Fruit Pizza Spectacular

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Aug 21
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Fruit pizza is one of our all-time favorite summer dessert treats. My uncle still talks about the slice of mixed fruit pizza I served when they visited the United States more than ten years ago.

We know the French have some spectacular desserts but the fruit pizza made the family record books as “the most memorable dessert” served at our American style barbecue party. Colorful fruit arranged in intricate patterns on a sweet cream cheese topping then spread on a sugar cookie crust makes this dessert special.

Juicy mandarin orange slices and crushed pineapple covered with an apricot glaze are perfect for a citrus version.

The fruit combinations that produce the most color contrast are strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apricots, kiwi, mandarin orange slices, dark sweet cherries and green grapes. On the Fourth of July, we use only red fruit and blueberries.

However, why not get creative and assemble your favorite fruits for a home version of this quintessential summer treat.
Check out Valya’s Strawberry Kiwi Dessert Pizza. The sugar cookie recipe is below and the result looks so appetizing!

Try the crust with crushed almonds or simply make a graham cracker crust. The fruit pizza does not have to be “portable”. Plate it as you would a regular slice of pie. Your guests are just as impressed.

Review Pillsbury’s easy cookie dough recipes for additional topping ideas.

Hint: Don’t just make any fruit pizza or fruit dessert during the summer. The classic cheese cake topping is the perfect foil for soft cooked caramelized apples or pears. Why not try spiced peaches?

Try Valya’s Fruit Pizza!

Hey guys!… Another kid-friendly project is up again! Of course there are lots of different fruit you can put on dessert pizza, but strawberry and kiwi is our family’s absolute favorite combination. It seems classic but when it comes to dessert pizzas,…

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