Quick Homestyle Rhubarb Pie

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Apr 26
Quick Homestyle Rhubarb Pie

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Quick Homestyle Rhubarb PieQuick Homestyle Rhubarb PieBackyard Rhubarb Pie – Chef Houses’ recipe oozes “Tastitude”!

Nothing says summer is coming more than a fresh, quick and homestyle rhubarb pie or fresh rhubarb compote.

Not everyone is crazy about this perennial vegetable but in this house, we cook it low and slow with some sugar and hint of cinnamon for a fruit crisp or crumble like no other.

It also gives me to opportunity to use my favorite pie plate with a bird vent!
Thankful Pie PlateThankful Pie Plate

It is very much a memory from childhood growing up in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Always on the lookout for the first rhubarb pies to appear in an upscale bakery, we bought one a couple weeks ago only to be completely disappointed with the filling. We’re talking expensive pies here.

I am still trying to determine what they were trying to accomplish but it did not have the tangy yet sweet taste of fresh rhubarb.

The filling was a flavorless gooey mess. All we had to do was take one look at it – and only one bite.

You are talking about a rhubarb pie connoisseur here who, much to my dismay, promptly had a conversation with the pastry chef about a less than appetizing pie.

Have no fear – it’s not just about rhubarb. In large part due to his comments, their apple pies have taken a turn for the better!

There – I’ve said it. Now you know why I shop by myself. 😉

Today, while reading the Evolution of Tastitude blog, I found Chef House’s Backyard Rhubarb Pie.

I can see a trip to the Farmer’s Market in my immediate future. The mission is to find thick juicy stalks of rhubarb!

Chef House – your pie is on the menu. Probably today if the DH has anything to say about it.

 Amish Rhubarb Pie Filling Rhubarb Pie Filling, 36 oz Rhubarb Pie Filling, Sugar Free

Chef House’s Quick Homestyle Rhubarb Pie

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Off to make quick homestyle rhubarb pie à la mode de Chef House!

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