Leftover Cranberry Sauce

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Dec 02
Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce
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Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce - © Canstock Photo / bhofack2

Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce – © Canstock Photo / bhofack2

In this family, we have those who love cranberry sauce with their turkey and those who can easily do without. We even have some who prefer whole berry cranberry sauce over the regular jellied cranberry sauce.

My cranberry relish mold remains a family favorite at Thanksgiving. However, it’s been years since I found cranberry flavored gelatin locally. It was just a little bit more tart than the raspberry flavor and made a world of difference in the finished relish.

Although it was a seasonal product during the seventies and may still be in some states and parts of the country, here it has completely disappeared from the supermarket shelves – even during the holiday season. Then again, I should have looked online. It is available with the click of the Buy Now button!

You could also use the leftover cranberry sauce to make a nice Jello® dessert when combined with mixed fruit.

Guess what…I have some leftover whole berry sauce and now I know exactly what I can do with it. When even the turkey leftovers become unappetizing, the remaining sauce is usually tossed. Not now!

We always enjoy spicy enchiladas made from leftover roast chicken but I was never thought of using leftover turkey to make the same type of dish!

Thanks Robert for a collection of great post-Thanksgiving recipe ideas!

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