Sprelly Gourmet Fast Food: Best Grilled Sandwiches In Town!

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Jan 20

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Sprelley gourmet fast food! We were there when they first opened and they’re back in downtown Frederiskburg – bigger and better than ever. This is how we described Sprelley Gourmet Fast Food more than two years ago.  Needless to say, we’ll be back to visit.

The Sprelly Classic Samdwich

The Sprelly Classic Sandwich

What do you get when you mix an old reliable with new and creative thinking? An up and coming eatery in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area called Sprelly. 

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will, and if your kids are like mine, they’ll be begging for more.

We came across Sprelly while enjoying Fredericksburg’s Restaurant Week.

Once at the center of the Civil War, Fredericksburg is quickly becoming a hot spot for foodies looking for good eats without having to fight traffic into DC.

Along with Restaurant Week, it’s Fredericksburg Startup Weekend, and Sprelly took the opportunity to have a free tasting down on Caroline Street to bolster their business case.

Free usually brings them in, good keeps them interested and great takes the line out the door (folks were blocking the sidewalk)!

So, what is Sprelly and what do they serve? Sprelly is an on-the-go eatery that operates across the growing Fredericksburg area. 

Their “bread and butter” is peanut butter (and jelly) – that’s where Sprelly comes from, spread and jelly.

You pick your spread, varying from fresh made almond butter to Nutella, and your jelly, selections include good old strawberry to pomegranate and marshmallow fluff, add some “goodies” like bananas, apples or bacon and you’ve got a gourmet PB&J – to go. It’s gourmet fast food – that’s good for you!

At the tasting, they offered four of their specialty sandwiches:

  • The Sprelly Classic
  • The Elvis
  • The Awesome Salami
  • The Swiss Alpples.

The Classic is just that – your choice of nut butter and jelly. But this is no store bought nut butter; it’s freshly ground, super healthy and allergen friendly (because they offer all sorts – not just peanut butter).

The Sprelly Alpples

The Sprelly Alpples

In the case of this next sandwich, Elvis may not have a chance to leave the building because you’ll finish it before you’re out the door.

The Elvis would be the King’s favorite – peanut butter, sliced banana, bacon and honey.  It sounds like a wicked combination, but it is delicious! Another, “I would never think to put those together”, combination was the Awesome Salami.

With almond butter, salami, pomegranate jam and cheddar cheese, this is a cheese plate and charcuterie lover’s dream – all wrapped in a whole wheat blanket.

Last, but certainly not least, is a sandwich that in my opinion could double as a full blown dessert, The Swiss Alpples. This absolutely divine sandwich is a mix of cashew butter, marshmallow fluff, cinnamon apples and swiss cheese. 

Pardon me while I clean up my drool. If the tasting was any sign, Sprelly’s business case is strong and full of possibility. 

They literally couldn’t make the sandwiches fast enough. I truly hope they get a chance – I know they’ll do great and my family and I would be regular customers.

P.S.  During their second tasting they offered four more sandwiches! Two regular taste sensations:

  • The Peppered Rooster,
  • The Applelation Trail, and two sweet ones:
  • The Log Jammer or
  • The Spr’more.

Keep up with Sprelly gourmet fast food on the Web ,  on Facebook  or on Twitter @iloveSprelly.

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