NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – Level 5 Protection

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NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – Level 5 Protection

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So happy I own a pair of these gloves!

They are super handy for all types of food preparation from:

  • Cutting onions,
  • Slicing tomatoes,
  • Peeling vegetables of all shapes and sizes,
  • Grating garlic for compound butter, and
  • Especially suited for mandoline use!
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NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – Regain your confidence chopping and slicing with gloves made of materials 4x stronger than leather.

NoCry gloves let you handle your grater, knives, and mandolin slicer while worrying less about bandaging a finger or worse… make a trip to the ER.


Made of food-safe high-performance polyethylene, glass fiber, and Spandex, these gloves have been designed to resist cuts from even the sharpest blades.

You can feel more secure in knowing they have an EN388 Level 5 cut protection rating.

PS! While the NoCry gloves are cut resistant, they are not fully cut proof. We designed them to reduce the likelihood of sustaining serious injury if accidents happen. Please still remain careful while using your gloves.

Work faster and safer with gloves that fit like a second skin

What’s more of a hassle than working slowly because you’re afraid you’ll cut yourself?

It’s trying to maneuver a blade with an ill-fitting glove on your hand.

That’s why NoCry cut resistant gloves come in 4 sizes – Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large – to ensure a snug fit.

The elastic material in your NoCry gloves makes keeping a firm grip on slippery and awkward items a snap. You’ll be able to complete tasks more quickly and accurately while avoiding nicks and cuts.

Get superior protection against sharp blades without sacrificing comfort

NoCry gloves are ultra-thin, soft against the skin, and highly elastic.

Weighing less than an ounce, they have none of the bulk found in other gloves on the market offering the same protection.

Prepare food or work on jobs requiring precision with complete dexterity. You’ll never feel like you’re wearing armor on your hands or auditioning for a part on Game of Thrones.

Because every order includes 2 ambidextrous gloves, save one for meal prep and use the second for your other blade friendly jobs.

Click the orange “Add to Cart” button and Order your NoCry Gloves Today!

  • Durability with the highest level of cut-resistant material available on the market – 4 times stronger than leather
  • Superior grip with a snug fit for small and large hands – prepare food or work on jobs requiring precision with complete dexterity
  • Lightweight and comfortable protection without the bulk – awarded with the highest, EN388 level 5 cut resistance
  • Ideal for cutting, working with mandoline slicers, knives, cutters, graters and peelers in the kitchen, woodworking, carving, carpentry, oyster shucking, and so much more…
  • 100% food safe and machine washable – keeping your gloves clean is easy
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