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Make A Pinterest Graphic: PicMonkey® To The Rescue

By La Cuisinière

Nov 01
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Make A Pinterest Graphic – Here’s is a quick and easy how-to guide to creating a Pinterest® pin that gets the attention of Pinterest and your Pinterest board visitors!   

I never imagined that this easy method for building a Pinterest image for my blog posts would result in having Pinterest send me my own pins in their daily email as pins “I might be interested in”.

Think Stocking Stuffers! Beautifully crafted pumpkin fridge magnets by Jacqadoodle 🙂

Give Pinterest® What It Is Looking For In An Image

Guess that means the format is more than acceptable to Pinterest and obviously eye-catching to website visitors.

If you have any question, please send me a note.     You can also contact me on Facebook or comment below 🙂 I’ll be happy to help.  As soon as I get back from a special trip 🙂

In the meantime, here are my instructions for a quick, easy and large format Pinterest image for a blog post -whether you opt to show it within the post or hide it.

Make A Pinterest Graphic Using *Paid* PicMonkey®

When I have plenty of time to create a pin, I play around in Canva® but when I am short on time, I use the “collage” feature in the *paid* PicMonkey.
You can also design a similar pin sized image by creating a custom sized canvas but the instructions require several additional steps. Will write it up if I have time today (11/1)

The following are quick and dirty directions for quick Pinterest image.

Open PicMonkey > Select Collage from the top bar.

In the left sidebar, select > Layouts.

From Layouts, select > Pinter-etsy

I adapt the second layout from the left with a horizontal grid – a full width top box, a square and rectangular center grid and a reversed bottom grid.

> Once you have selected the layout, scroll to the bottom of the editor, and click on the lock to open it – it will allow you to change the size of the layout.
> Edit the standard 700 x 100 pixel sizing to 750 or 800 by 1800 to 2000 pixels.

I change the size to best fit my photos. It takes a minute for the layout to change sizes.

Note that you can move (to a certain extent) the photos within each “box” to display the best part of the image.

Now comes the quick but fun customizing work!

Select 2 to 3 images you plan to use. OR

You may only want to use one image – twice. One is a macro while the other is the full image. Upload them into PicMonkey®.

Hover over the display and you will notice that blue double lines appear between the sets of boxes. The cursor becomes a cross bar and then an directional arrow that allows you to “re-size” that sections.

> Raise the bottom third to be just a wee bit taller than the top third. You want the middle section to look more like a banner.

> Hover over the upper right hand corner of the SQUARE cell in the center section. Click on the X and delete the cell.
> Hover over the upper right hand corner of the right hand cell in the bottom section and delete it.

Add images to the top and bottom sections. Adjust individual images for best fit.

  • From the left sidebar, select the paint palette
  • Select the “background” tab and using the dropper, select a subdued color that best matches both images.
  • Select the “cell” tab to pick a darker color for the center section/banner.
  • As soon as you select a color using the dropper, it change to a bucket.  Go “dump” the bucket of color on the center section
  • Navigate to the top bar and send the graphic to the Editor.
  • Once in the editor, add text to your image. Place it in the center section and adjust to fit.

You can also opt to not have ANY color as a background for your image.  Select the “transparent” box to make you images float together in a pin size image.

Save Your Work!

Here is an example of what Pinterest® considers a “popular” pin designed exactly as outlined above. 

I venture to say this method will work with any set of images on any topic.

There are many other options available to create Pinterest pins.  This simple method is how I personally go about making an image that passes muster. 🙂

Have fun creating!

How To Make A Pinterest Graphic

There are so many delicious recipes that I created a Pinterest board just so I could collect them all!


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